Road Cycling

We thought we better mention it too!

There are three fantastic short loops from Aviemore that can be done on desperately or as part of one big loop.

Kingussie Loop

50KM loop from Aviemore to Kingussie and back via two different roads passing Loch Insh, Ruthven Barracks and the Insriach Gardens.

Loch Garten and Nethy Bridge Loop

A 45KM route from Coylum Bridge to Nethy Bridge and back via the stunning Loch Garten Osprey Centre and Tulloch Moor.

Cairngorm Hill Climb!

Definitely worth a shot if you are road cycling in Aviemore! Start from the town and ride up via Glenmore before hitting the infamous ‘Ski Road’ and reaching the Ski Centre Car Park! There and back is around 40KM, it’s uphill the whole way and downhill the whole way back of course!

Fancy a challenge?

Why not give the Mikes Bikes Ski Road Challenge a shot, it’s an informal cycling challenge from Aviemore, Cairngorm Ski Centre and then to the Lecht Ski Centre. You can take on the challenge any day on your own or with friends. Find out more information here –  > Ski Road Challenge.